Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ok...admitting defeat! AGAIN

I have come to realize that I cannot keep up with that list on a daily basis (I know, a big disappointment for my 2 followers). ;)   Maybe when Ayden was a newborn and was only awake 2 hours a day.  Now he is def not a newborn and only sleeps 2 hours a day (besides nighttime, but I need sleep too).  I am not completely giving up, but I think I am going to try to post once per week.  I could post one thing I did that week, or I could post 7 things I did that week (yeah right).  So, I will continue to post the fun things I did for Christmas, but not going to pressure myself with catching up or with having to do something from my list every day.  I am still keeping my list because it is composed of things I want (and need) to do. 

I have just been too busy with trying to come up with my cleaning schedule and trying to get my business really going. and please "like" me on FB if you haven't already  

I really won't have time to keep up every day.  But I promise I will check in at least once per week (I say that like people are hanging on my every word and will be really disappointed if I don't post...who cares?  lol)

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!  I am going for a walk, it's nice outside!

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