Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Ok, it's happened, I am obsessed with my new bloggy life (and it hasn't even been 24 hours).  I have my art projects planned through May 19, one per week (except for the 2 weeks that have 2).  Most of these things are going to be my version of projects I have found on Pintrest and some are my own projects I wanna get done.  I am going to find a few new recipes while I hold my just-barely sleeping baby (yes, I am one handed typing right now, I am pretty good at it...faster than most "hunt-n-peck'ers).  Once he is sleeping, I have housework to do. 

I am excited for my blog planner because it really does help with the chaos that is my brain.  You see, I have SO many projects I want to do.  I start thinking about the details of starting all of them, then get lost in my own mind and start gazing around the room as my mind wanders, then my eye catches the overflowing basket of clean laundry, just inside my bedroom door.  "I should really get that folded and put away," I think to myself.  Then I see the few things around the house that are out of their place, "I will be annoyed if I leave them out longer," my conscience says to me.  Before I know it, I have sat in front of the computer for 45 minutes thinking about all the things I NEED to do and the 5000 projects I WANT to do and get overwhelmed so I cruise through Facebook.  Needless to say, the end of the day arrives and NOTHING got done!  So instead, I sit here with my blog planner and type...not on FB, cuz that would be unproductive.  lol

Yes, I am still holding a sleeping baby...I am going to go put him down and do some "need to's" so I can play later and not feel guilty. 

Thanks for listening...I feel so much better :)

I got no recipes found tho...

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