Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 1: Finish Recipe Binder

Ok, good start, I am posting on the first day!

Today, I decided to finish the recipe binder I started about 7 or 8 months ago.  So it was an easy one because all of the papers were cut, tabs were made and had some recipes printed.

I love coordinating scrapbook paper packs, so this helped me use up some paper.  I cut paper to fit in the front and back cover and a coordinating paper for the spine.  I then cut scrapbook papers to 8.5x11 and put them in page protectors for the categories.  I printed the category names on regular printer paper and then glued those to scrapbook paper.  I used packing tape to make the tabs.   I printed the recipes that I had curled up in a glass vase on top of my fridge for a more uniformed look.  I even busted out the QuicKuts Revolution for the letters on the front cover.

(I apologize for the poor lighting.  The sun went down before I could take the pictures so no natural light for me).

Categories I used are: Appetizers, baby, beef, beverages, breads, cakes/frostings, candies/snacks, desserts, gifts, holidays, muffins/quickbreads, pastas, pet, pies/tarts, pizzas, poultry, salads, sides, slow cooker, soups, vegetables, vegetarian.

Before you start thinking that I am some crafty recipe book making genius...I did get this idea from Pinterest.

Off to bed I go.


  1. OK, so I am going to try this again. Good for you and your crafting blog. The recipe book looks great.

  2. This is AWEsooooome. (imagine the awesome in a super high voice...)

    Now come do mine!!

    Never saw a "baby" or "pet" category before. Clever. ♥

    1. I started it before Ayden started on solid foods and I was going to make all of his meals and not use store bought baby food. I found a website I really liked and they had recipes. Needless to say, he was funny about eating so I ended up buying the pouches at the store. And for the pet category, I have a recipe for dog treats that I have made before and I found some more I am going to try this year. I like to give them to my friends (who have dogs) in their gift baskets (cheaper and better than the ones at Petco)