Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 9: Christmas Planning

I promise not all of my posts will be this boring.  As you should well know by now, I LOVE LISTS AND PLANNING!!!  So, care to guess what this post is going to be?  Oops...I guess the title already gave it away.  Yes, it's Christmas planning. 

This Christmas is going to be unlike no Christmas for us.  This is the first Christmas that we are going to make the majority of our gifts for our family.  And by "we," I mean "me."  I have made 2 or 3 lists before this list I made today.  I think this is the final.  I have thought/found/seen so many things for so many of our family members, I created a list, came back a couple of weeks later and decided that it was a little too much.  I need to simplify.  And by simplify, I don't mean cut down on the number of gifts per person, but do a little more in the multiples.  So first, I made sections for each person on a piece of paper.  I listed their gifts.  This way I could make sure I had everybody taken care of.  Then I made a list of gifts so I could see how many of what I was going to need.  Now I am making a (tentative) price list so I can have an idea of what I am planning to spend.  The pricing will take a while, but the rest is done.

I would post pictures, but just in case those on my list read my blog, I don't want them to see what they are getting.  It would be like snooping  ;)

Whew, I am caught up, now if I can stay caught up.

Tomorrow, I am going to start in the scrap/guest room.  My parents will be here in 17 days and that room needs to be DONE!!!  Plus, the sooner I get that room done, the sooner I can start on my more fun craftier projects since my stuff will be more organized.

Have a great night!!!

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