Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 8: Routine Calendar

As I have said before I love routine, but have never really established one in my home when it comes to the household chores.  I desperately want one because I feel that once in a routine, I won't have to "think" as much about the tasks, they will be more "automatic" and everything will get done.  :) to my favorite office supply store (Staples) to get a calendar.  I purchased it back in July so the June-May calendars were there and I didn't have to waste $$ on a Jan-Dec calendar or wait until now to purchase a 2013 calendar. 

I made a list of tasks that need to be done around the house and how often it should be done.  Certain things like "dishes done and kitchen clean" are done every day while "laundry" and "cleaning the fridge" are done once a week.  I put deep cleaning things on there to do every 6 months like "vacuuming behind/under the big furniture" as well as some every other week and once per month tasks.   I also typed my list on my computer and saved it because as the months pass, I throw out my list from that month.  This way I have something to use for next year.  And as I go along, if I see that something didn't work out on that day or it needed to be done more/less, I can just go to my file and change it or make a note.  I like laying it out like this because I could space stuff out for the week so I am doing a little each day.  I didn't want to put the bathrooms on the same day as laundry when I had another day that had nothing on it.  For some reason, cleaning doesn't seem as daunting if it's not all bunched up on one day.

I hung my calendar in the laundry room so it would be in a central location of my house but not out for the world to see.  My only using it.  I have some things on routine, like the kitchen and vacuuming 3x per week and laundry.  As with everything, slowly but surely, I'll get into a good cleaning routine and my house will be clean every day...(I know, I live in a fantasy world...good thing there isn't a timer for one's time spent on Pinterest) ;)

Still behind, today is actually day 9...ugh

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