Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 2: Weight Loss Tracker...Incentive...thingy

For today's project, I decided to do something easy with items I already had in my house.  It's not the prettiest, but it's functional and that's more important.  I wish I could take credit for this but I did find the concept on Pinterest.  I owe the top line 4 clothespins.  I only had 36 in the house.  And now that I take a closer look at the original picture, I think she used the cute little mini ones.  Oh well, this is what I have and it's done, I'm not going to redo it (I'm not.             I'm not)... :/

 I put this little tracker in my bathroom where I can see it from my mirror.  It will be a good reminder why I am doing what I am doing (as far as weight loss goes).  Since the bathroom is where I feel the worst about my weight, I can just look at the tracker and see that I am making headway toward my goal...slowly but surely.

And I thought it would be fun to show my list.  I numbered the lines 1-365 today which took 5 1/2 pages (yes, that's front and back).  I was able to only fill up 96 lines with projects, I'm sure I will find plenty more projects to do throughout the next 363 days.  I look at the list and want to create another list for cross referencing purposes.  I think of something to put on the list and can't remember if I have put it on there already or not, so I have to look through all of the items.  Therefore, #96 is making a cross referencing chart (my mom would be so proud).  After all, when I was looking through my Pinterest "likes" I saw many things that I "liked" more than once.  If I can't remember if I pressed the "like" button for something, how am I going to remember if I wrote something down on my list or not or if I just thought about it.  Anyway, I was going to make another list with the dates listed so that I could write down what project I did on what day, but when I saw how long it took me to number the lines...SO, I'll just use my calendar.  (I know...psychotic...can't help it)  I've learned to embrace it and so can you!

Well, that concludes today's session of mindless babble.  Tomorrow, I test the blue dawn & vinegar method of cleaning the shower.  Don't expect a before shot of my shower, only an after if it works!

Nite all!!  (will help you get your Z's...I sing that in my head every time I say Nite you are too!)  :)

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