Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 5: Cross Reference

Let me take a moment to remind everyone about the purpose of my little list.  It is a way for me to finish things I start or say that I am going to do.  I read somewhere that being organized means that you spend less time "looking for things" and more time spending time with the ones you love or doing things you love doing.  I mentioned in an earlier blog about creating a cross reference for my 365 list so I know if I put something on there or not.  I finished it yesterday and let me tell you, it's actually been helpful.  I can look to see if something is already on my list, or look to it when I need to find a project I've completed, to mark it off.  Before I created the cross reference, I would scan my list (of about 90 items), looking for something and scan too fast so I'd have to go back and scan slower.  I actually did waste time by not having my lovely cross reference.

Some may see this as busy work, but for some reason, I've kinda liked busy work.  For those who love making lists (and lists of lists), you would love the cross reference and would appreciate it. 

I highly suggest making a cross reference list, if you are making a extremely long list.  To make it "less work," start it when you start your initial list, and it's not like work at all.  In the long'll be glad you did.

Now...I am still behind and I am determined to post Day 6's project today, so I will be caught up.  Now...if I can just figure out what it will be...hmmm

Have a super fantastic day...

13 days til Thanksgiving
46 days til Christmas (45 if you're MACK) :)

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