Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 4: Meal Planner

I know what you are thinking...she already gave up!

Well I did NOT.  My DH was off from work yesterday and I was spending time with him and the DS, I started my project yesterday, but could not get it finished.  I guess I could have stayed up and finished it instead of going to bed when I did, but with DS not sleeping so well, I decided that it would be okay to just finish it and post it late.  So...Here it is.

In an effort to start spending money a little wiser every day, I am really going to try to plan meals ahead.  I would love to be able to plan the week's meals, shop once per week and not have to worry about it until next week.  But we aren't like that.  We usually decide each meal that day, go to the store, and cook it.  We aren't bad with food, but I think there is always room for improvement.  So...with as much time as I spend on Pinterest...I found a menu board that I think would actually work for us.  Originally (months and months ago) I was going to make the cute menu board with the clothespins along the side to hold each meal that was on cute little cards (yes I might have an obsession with clothespins to...moving along), but that wouldn't really work for us as we like to revamp meals and I would have way too many cards to make.  So, for us, the "dry erase" approach seems more appropriate.  Since DH's schedule changes from week to week, sometimes I need to plan a meal I can cook (I'm not the best cook...especially when it comes to meat) and sometimes he will cook (boy am I sure glad he likes to).  So, this way, we can just plan, write it down, and go from there.  At least with this say, I can plan 3 or 4 days in advance, which is better than flying by the seat of our pants.

Also, I must say (again), that I LOVE these projects that I can do with scrapbook supplies that I already have.  As you can see, another coordinating paper pack, which works perfectly for stuff like this, with some rub on letters that I had gotten on clearance when my local scrapbook store closed. 

Just in case you want to do this, this is an 11x14 frame (I would have done bigger, but this was the largest frame at the dollar store).  I chose my papers by what went well with my decor, my kitchen is green so it actually looks kind of nice from the kitchen.  I laid them out in the order I wanted, and cut away.  I cut each piece 2.5" (each section is only 2", but the 0.5" allowed for the tape) except for the bottom piece, it's only 2".  I inked the edges of the paper, I think paper projects look so much nicer and finished when they have been inked.  I used plain ol' double stick tape (which is perfect because it's 0.5" so I didn't have to measure where to overlap, I just had to make sure the tape was at the very edge of the paper).  Cut and laid out my letters and got to rubbin'.  Set it in the frame and voila! 


  1. This is really cute! So... you write with a dry erase marker on the glass? Cool... I'm pinnin' it! ♥

  2. Yeah, I was going to write some stuff on there for the post, but I couldn't find my black dry erase marker...then after I finished the post...I found one