Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 3: Dawn Dish Soap and Vinegar

I have seen on Pinterest a few times about mixing equal parts blue Dawn dish soap and white vinegar in a spray bottle..."just spray it in your tub and shower, let it sit for an hour, then wipe it with a wet sponge."  Sounded easy, so I got me some, sprayed it, and let it sit for 4.5 hours (had to work it around Ayden's naps).  Took a scrub brush and it wasn't coming off as easy as they claimed.  So I decided to leave it until I took my shower tonight, that way I had running water and could really get to scrubbing.  Come to find out that it did take off the orange hard water stains in the light colored grout of my shower (with a fair amount of scrubbing).  So, I haven't completely written it off.  I am going to try it on the soap scum of the guest tub, maybe that's what the ladies on Pinterest were referring to. 

Well, that's it for tonight.  No pictures, just words.  G'nite!

Haven't decided what I'll do tomorrow...stay tuned!


  1. When you want a child-safe, inexpensive cleaner for your soap scum that works in minutes instead of hours, gimme a call... I continue to be shocked at how well Melaleuca's "Tub-n-Tile" works. And now, because of another Pinterest tip, I'm just wiping it out with a dry rag rather than scrubbing and sweating with a wet sponge. Amazing!!

    PS - if you want more comments turn off the word verification thingy and just go with moderating comments for awhile. Eventually Blogger figures out what the spam is and alerts you to it. ♥

    1. PSS - it took ME six tries to get the word verification right...

    2. Ok, I turned the "show verification" to No. I hope that worked. Thanks for the advice on cleaning and comments!